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FAQ Online Dating Site, internet dating websites


1. What if I forgot my password?

Enter your email address in the space provided and we will send you a reminder via your registered e mail address.


2. How do I change my profile?

You can update and change all your information such as your appearance and your ideal match, by hovering over 'my profile' in the toolbar, then clicking on ‘edit profile’ from the drop down menu.

You can view your profile as other users see it, by going to 'my profile' in the toolbar.

3. How do I cancel my account or delete my profile?

Go to my profile, edit profile, and then select profile unregister.


4. How do I upload my photos?

To upload a photos, go to my profile, my photo, upload photo.

5. How many pictures can I upload?

You are allowed to upload up to 10 photos.

6. When will my photo be approved?

We aim to approve photos within 24 hours. However during busy periods this can take up to 48 hours.

7. I tried to upload a photo, but it still hasn't posted. Why?

Your photo might have been rejected for various reasons.

Make sure you follow our photo rules when uploading photos.

8. How do I make a picture my primary photo?

Click on the photo you would like to make primary in your list of photos. Then click the 'make thumbnail' link in the options above the photo.


9. What is Forum?

The Forum is an avenue to share thoughts and discuss topics with other members.


10. What are blogs?

A blog is like a personal webpage page or diary that you can update daily for other members to read and comment on if they wish.

11. How do I post to my blog?

You post to your blog by clicking the ‘new post’ link in the drop down menu under ‘my profile’ in the toolbar.

12. Can I edit my blog?

Yes you can by viewing your blog then choosing ‘reed more’ and edit.

13. Is blogging free?

Yes! You may post to your blog free of charge.


14. What is "Bookmarks"?

Bookmarks are the member(s) you find most interesting.

15. How do I add member(s) to my "Bookmarks"?

When you view a member's profile, you will see the "Bookmark" button. Simply click on that button.

16. How do I view my Bookmarks?

Click on "Bookmarks" at your profile home page. You will now see a list of member(s) you have added on this list.

17. How do I remove someone from my "Bookmarks"?

To remove a member from your "Bookmarks", simply click on the "Remove from bookmarks" tab.


18. How do I send a message?

Click on the “Send Message” tab in the member's profile. The mail will go to their mailbox, not to their personal email account.

19. How do I read my messages?

From the mailbox link in the toolbar on top, click on inbox in the dropdown menu.

20. How do I post replies?

Click on the reply button on the right side of the email you have read.

You will then be able to reply to the member who just wrote to you.

Their original message will appear above your reply.

21. How do I view email that I sent to other members?

Click on the 'sent' link from the drop down menu under 'mailbox' in the toolbar.

22. How do I block someone from sending me email?

Click the ‘Block’ button that is located on the right side of their message. They won't know you blocked them, and you won't receive any future emails from that user.

23. How do I remove someone from my block list?

Got to 'home' in the toolbar and then click on the 'blocked users' link on the Main page. Click on the ‘Unblock Button’ next to their profile.

24. What is the Sent link used for?

The Sent link shows a member all the email they have sent out to other members.


25. My search returns very few results. What's wrong?

The narrower and more specific your criteria, usually the smaller the number of users that will show up.

You can also try broadening your search location to include a wider area.

26. How do I search for someone by username?

Fill in the username search box on the page.

27. How do I see who's online?

Go to 'Members' in the toolbar and then click on the 'online users' link.

28. What are the different ways to search for someone?

You can search by username, from Who's Online, or by using our quick search feature (on the My Home page) or the regular search.